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The quality of sexual life is a crucial issue, determining a quality of life in general. Unsatisfactory sexual life causes multiple problems in interpersonal relationships, physical and mental health of a person. It destroys harmony in a family life, breaks even the strongest relations in a couple, resulting in a deep depression and loss of self-confidence. And, on the contrary, full-fledged sex influences all spheres of a person’s life making it shine with bright colors. It is equally important for men and women. To raise the quality of sexual life, more and more people get viagra online – a small blue pill, which resolves a whole range of problems.

Before this pill was discovered, sexual disorders in men had been treated with injections and/or vacuum therapy, but there were virtually no oral drugs for the resolution of this problem. All the existing medicines were either not effective or had too many side effects. That is why the discovery of the effect of a pill (the main component of viagra and viagra generic) became a real breakthrough in this field. As it turned out, one pill of this drug could easily resolve the problem of impotence in 80 percent of cases with minimum side effects!

Researchers from Pfizer company discovered a unique effect of a drug by accident. In early 1990-ies a group of scientists conducted clinical trials of this agent. Then it was intended for the treatment of some heart diseases as a vasodilating drug. But the results were quite disappointing – the effect of a chemical in curing heart problems was very limited. The scientists were going to wrap up their works, but suddenly the men, who participated in the trial as volunteers, refused to return the drug to the researchers. The explanation was quite unexpected: a noticeable improvement of erection after its taking. The researchers had nothing else to do but continue their trials, however, in another direction. Results were overwhelming – a completely new, effective drug was created. Today everyone can get generic viagra online.

The new drug received a name – Viagra, which was formed by two words: “Vigor” and “Niagara”. These two words perfectly well describe its effect – vigorous, powerful, steady and long. To get this effect it is enough to take one tablet an hour (or even forty minutes) before sexual intercourse. The result – strong, mighty erection, which lasts up to six hours. And some years ago generic viagra appeared. Its mechanism of action is similar to the mechanism of original Viagra developed by Pfizer, but the drug is produced under another trademark. The price for generic drugs is always lower.

Viagra relates to a group of PDE5 inhibitors. This means that it inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 in cavernous tissues. It, in turn, intensifies the relaxing action of nitrogen oxide on the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. As a result, the vessels get relaxed and open wider. The blood flow rushes to the cavernous body of pelvic organs, and the penis gets erected.

For the proof of the Viagra’s effect, long clinical trials since 1993 had been conducted. They confirmed high effectiveness and safety of sildenafil for ED treatment. Finally, Food and Drug Administration of the USA allowed application of the drug. The effectiveness of Viagra was tested by over 3 thousand men of different age with erectile disorders lasted up to 26 years. The disorders were caused by psychological, physical and mixed psychic-psychological factors. The research findings proved the effectiveness of Viagra in restoring a healthy erection and improving indicators of successful sexual intercourses in most patients including men with diabetes, spinal cord injuries, other concomitant clinical conditions as well as patients taking a lot of drugs. Nowadays Viagra is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the world.

If you are going to order online viagra, you should be able to distinguish the brand-name drug from its generics. Original Viagra is produced in the form of film-coated blue diamond-shaped pills. Apart from the active ingredient , each tablet contains microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate. The film coating can contain vanillin or biotin. The pills are debossed with a mark “Pfizer” on one side and “VGR25”, “VGR50” or “VGR100” (depending on dosage) – from another side. The dosage is usually prescribed by a specialist.

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