Doctor Arnold Kegel’s exercises for improving men’s sex health.

Doctor Arnold Kegel, a German gynecologist of the XIXth century, was quite popular during his life as a doctor. He made his mark in the history of medicine with the invention of special gymnastics for delivered women, aimed at the prevention of postpartum incontinence, as well as fitness equipment for those exercises. These days the set of exercises is not used for its intended purpose. It has been recently found that Kegel’s training is useful for male persons and that they give impressive results. So let’s consider what kind of physical exercises they are and why they are needed.
It’s no secret that the life of a modern man is very different from that of his remote ancestors. Most men lead a sedentary lifestyle. Having been praised by their wives (what good fellows and breadwinners they are) with a sense of accomplishment, they comfortably arrange on the couch watching TV. So, what happens? Due to constant sitting blood pools in the pelvis area, causing the development of a huge number of diseases from prostatitis to hemorrhoids. Regular training will significantly reduce the risk of these diseases, as it will prevent blood from pooling in the crotch.

What to do?

To begin with, a man should retain urination. The muscular tissues, which he uses for this, are “the very same”, which must be held in the process of doing the three exercises presented below.

Task 1
It is necessary to contract those muscular tissues, which are felt during urination and count slowly to five. Then relax, count to five and contract your muscles again. Contraction time can be increased. Repeat ten times.

Task 2
“Elevator”: contract the muscle a little (“1st floor”), hold, count to five, then, staying focused, continue contraction (“2nd Floor”) and again to hold up to five. Go through four or five “floors” in this way. Then with the same stepwise movement, go “down”, stopping at each “floor”. It is necessary to repeat the cycle ten times.

Task 3
Tighten and relax the muscles as soon as possible, achieving the effect of “fluttering”. Repeat the exercise ten times.


Performing Kegel’s training will not only result in setting necessary muscles in proper condition but also contribute to the overall vascular workout that will improve and accelerate blood flow to the genitals. This means that an erection will be achieved faster.
Doing these actions increases sexual desire. Blood rushes to the appropriate zone, and subsequent focusing on these areas significantly contributes to sexual arousal.
A man feels increased control over ejaculation, allowing him to vary the duration of sexual intercourse on his own. It is not even clear for whom this benefit is more valuable. For a man who knows exactly that he can hold to the moment necessary for his sex partner, or for a partner whose orgasm chances with such man’s ability will increase significantly.
A man will be able to get more vivid sensations during orgasm. More trained pelvic floor muscular tissues will contract more intensely during the peak, and hence physical pleasure will increase.