Does the Quality of Intimate Life Depend on Age?

When you are 20 or even 30, the thought of sex after 40 seems to be something unlikely if not fantastic. We’ve got accustomed to the cliché that sex is young people’s domain. Nevertheless, after forty life does not end. According to social surveys, many people (both men and women) over 40 years old realize that their sexual life is more satisfactory than it used to be before. Psychologists say that the reason for happy intimate life is often connected with the relief of some popular myths about sex and life in general. What are these myths?

• Success in career determines success in love life. Many young men believe that the more successful in financial terms they are, the better their family (and sexual) life will be. The truth is that those who focus on their work too much have neither time nor desire for making love. As a result, they have all chances to face erectile dysfunction at the age of 40 and buy sildenafil citrate online for the treatment. When a man grows older, he usually can afford to live “for himself”, giving more attention to his personal and intimate love.
• Most men at this age face impotence and cannot compete with 30-year-old guys. The state of health depends on a number of conditions: lifestyle, genetics, nutrition, bad or good habits, and so on. Moreover, according to sexologists, there is no much difference between a 30-year-olds and 50-year-olds from a physiological point of view. And for those who faced some problems, modern medicine offers progressive drugs, such as sildenafil (Viagra) or sildenafil generic. These drugs are absolutely safe, they don.t cause addiction and have no age limits.
• After the age of 40 men do not need (or do not want) sex as much as it was 10-15 years ago. This statement has nothing to do with the reality. Sex has a positive effect on all spheres of our life including physical health and self-confidence. Most people think of sex even at the age of 80 and 90! And with the increase of years, experience comes. It allows make sexual life more diverse and rich.

The secrets of good sexual health:

1) Healthy nutrition with the high content of proteins, vitamins and necessary microelements and minimum content of empty calories.
2) Regular physical activity (ideally, no less than an hour a day).
3) Careful attitude to health, especially everything concerning a reproductive system and heart.
4) No stresses and enough night sleep (at least 7 hours).
5) Abandonment smoking and strong drinks.
6) Avoiding routine, more new impressions, traveling, active lifestyle, no depression.
7) Use only high-quality, progressive drugs in case of problems arise. The best known safe drug for sexual disorders treatment is sildenafil citrate or Viagra.
8) Diversity in sexual relationships with a partner, experimenting and new experiences.

The quality of intimate life depends not on the age, but on the style of life, habits, and view of life. There is no any obstacles on the way to awesome sexual life at any age. Everything depends on you.