How to Be Sexually Active at Any Age? Tips for Everyone.

According to the famous professor of sexology Alfred Kinsey, in 1950 only 1.5 percent of 70-year-old men had problems with their potency. Nowadays, one man in three at the age of 35 suffers from sexual disorders. The perspective is cheerless – in the nearest future, most women after their forties have all the chances to be short of men’s attention.

In the modern world, there are a lot of variables, which have a negative impact on men’s activity and sexual life. These are poor ecology, nutrition habits, smoking, drinking, stresses, over fatigue and many other factors. To preserve a sexual function in given circumstance, men should work at it. What do they need to care about?


Sex constitution plays a great role in sexual life. A man with a strong constitution and a good health could preserve sexual activity for many years without much effort. A man with a weak sexual constitution loses sexual health rather early, usually after forty years old. To be sexually active, such a man needs supporting treatment, for example, with Viagra. Also, one of the most important factors for him is a regularity. A regular sex once a week will help him is better than a night full of passion after a month’s break.

Healthy Lifestyle

This is a complex concept including a lot of aspects. Of course, not everyone in the modern world has the possibility and time to go in for sports regularly, cook healthy food at home, drink pure water and breathe clean air. However, to minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction, first, try not to overeat. Overweight is the enemy of sexual power number one. Second, reduce or abandon alcohol and cigarettes. Bad habits are the enemy of sexual power number two. Third, try to be active. At least once or twice a week go walking instead of sitting in front of TV or computer. A sedentary lifestyle is the enemy of sexual power number three. Fourth, have enough sleep. Overfatigue combined with stresses is the enemy of sex number four.


Love has always been the most powerful stimulator for everything. When you are in love, your passion to the partner multiplies as well as sexual power. Those who love and are loved don’t have problems in bed. They just have no time to think of it, because they are too busy loving each other and making each other happy.


Research show that uncontrolled sexual affairs do not have any positive impact on health in general, and on sexual power in particular. Men, who have been living happy family life for many years, are usually more satisfied with their sexual life than Casanovas who change women every year.

Of course, it’s impossible to pre plan everything. Unfortunately, today erectile dysfunction strikes more and more men including relatively young ones. Fortunately, modern drugs, such as Viagra, let effectively overcome this frustrating disorder. Thanks to this new-generation drug, you will stay sexually active for many years. Just love each other and live a happy full-fledged sexual life!