How to improve men’s health and potency: useful advice.

Andrologists (specialists who study the sexual health of men) came to a sensational conclusion: every male has potential sexual performance, thanks to which a man is able to satisfy 15 women in a row. After such revelation, a logical question arises: where is this unspent sexual energy? Many cases of impotence are associated with physical health. Vascular and endocrine problems often affect male potency. Chronic illnesses are able to reduce the level of testosterone (key male’s hormone) by 15%. This naturally leads to a weakening of libido. As it turned out, men often disregard their health. Below you will find some tips which can help improve men’s health.

Eat healthy food
Nutrition plays a major role in the functioning of the whole organism. The food should contain all essential nutrients, especially vitamins, and micronutrients appropriate for normal potency, including zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, B vitamins. Every day you have to receive a recommended daily dose of these substances.

Control excess weight
Overweight in men is the worst enemy of potency. Obesity dos not only lowers testosterone level but also enlarges the level of estrogens (female hormones). The excess level of estrogens not only leads to erection problems but also affects the overall health of male persons. In addition, excess weight leads to cardiovascular ailments and diabetes mellitus, which are major factors in reducing male potency.

A sedentary lifestyle reduces potency. It has been observed that the representatives of sedentary occupations have a more pronounced tendency to violations of potency than the representatives of the professions associated with physical activity. Therefore, another effective way to increase potency is physical activity and active sports. If you don’t have a desire to conquer the mountains on skis, just move. As an option – you can walk every day, or at least walk in the evening.

Make relaxing massage
On the human body, there is a large number of points that can both relax and excite. For instance, on feet, there are areas, which are responsible for sexual mood. Regular massage or walking on the carpet will stimulate these areas and lead men to the desired sex health condition.

Fight with dispiritedness & stress
Avoid stress and dispiritedness. When the body is exposed to any negative feelings, sexual function is inhibited. Often, problems with erectile function arise from psychological experiences. They may be unfortunate consequences of sexual intercourse, lack of confidence in sexual opportunities, etc. In any case, you need to get rid of sexual complexes, if you cannot do it on your own, do it with the help of healthcare experts – sexologists or therapists.

Other useful tips
Take cold and hot shower. It improves circulation and trains vessels. The next method to enhance men’s health is going to the sauna, which causes a good effect on metabolic processes in the body. It enlarges blood circulation, thus improving sexual desire. Also, it helps to produce happiness hormone.