Sexual Disorders in Women and ways of Their Treatment.

The cycle of sexual reactions in humans consists of three stages: sex drive, sex arousal, and climax. The main sexual disorders in women are frigidity (lack of sex drive and arousal), anorgasmia (inability to reach climax) and vaginismus (painful spasm of the vagina, preventing sexual intercourse). The most widespread one is female inability to get sexually aroused, which in a number of ways can be compared with erectile dysfunction in men. But if ED in men is successfully treated with Viagra, then we can suppose that for the treatment of women there should be female viagra, right? Is it really so?

First, let’s define the reasons of the disorder. As with erectile dysfunction in men, women’s inability to get aroused can be caused by a great variety of reasons, for example:

• Psychological factors (tension if relationships, stress, depression, fear of intimacy). These factors are most frequent due to increased emotionality of women.
• Decreased estrogen level, which can be caused as by endocrine diseases as by menopause or ovarian dysfunction. Especially this concerns women older than 50 years and women after surgery operations.
• Pain due to traumas or diseases of genitals and/or pelvic organs.
• Side effects of some drugs.

Here it is important to understand that we are speaking not of lack of sexual desire, which mostly depends on a woman’s relationships with her partner, but of physiological inability to get aroused enough for comfortable intercourse. In other words, the situations where a woman doesn’t get aroused despite sexual desire, and where female viagra is urgently needed.

What happens if a woman cannot get aroused? Dryness of a vagina results in painful penetration of the penis. A woman cannot relax and enjoy the process. The sexual intercourse becomes uncomfortable for both partners. That is why, more and more people wonder – can women take viagra, and what effect does it have on the female organism?

Of course, some clinical trials concerning viagra for women have been conducted. In particular, not so long ago it was proved that sildenafil intensifies the blood flow to the pelvic organs in women as well as in men. As a result, genitals get lubricated and the entire process of sexual intercourse becomes more comfortable. Moreover, genitals filled up with blood become more sensitive, and this makes the process more enjoyable and pleasant for a woman. It, in turn, helps her get relaxed and reach the climax. So, sildenafil certainly has a certain effect on women’s sexuality.

However, original Viagra is not intended for women. But there are some other sildenafil-containing drugs and generics, which can be used for the resolving of women’s problems in intimate sphere. Nowadays research and clinical trials go on, and perhaps, in some time a brand new drug for the treatment of sexual disorders in women will appear. Now it is clear that sildenafil can really help to overcome some problems of sexual nature.