Some sports activities and their influence on the sexual health.

If you properly distribute energy, sex and training do not prevent but complement each other. Do not get hung up on one thing, work out, stimulate the metabolism and increase your libido. To help you with this, here’s how some sports contribute to vivid sexual feelings.

Skate and rollers
It is known that the inner thigh muscles work hard when riding a skateboard or roller skates. Just a couple of hours for evening walks on the rollers daily and you are the owner of beautiful feet. After a month of such activities, you will improve the coordination of your movements and the ability to balance the body. Where and in what positions you choose to use it, you can decide for yourself.

This sport is perfect for those who want to lose weight quickly. Regular cycling will make you fit faster and more efficiently than walking. It should be clarified that a stationary exercise bike does not give the same result as an ordinary bike because the terrain obstacles are very important for proper physical activity. Cycling develops endurance. If your partner is surprised by your increased sexual appetite, then ask her to join you on your bike trip.

All physical activities based on gymnastics (fitness, yoga, tai chi, pilates) contribute to the development of the flexibility of muscles and joints, as well as the elasticity of ligaments. These exercises not only prolong the sexual act but also allow you to experiment with new positions.

Firstly, if you choose water sports, it will give you a nice, even tan. Secondly, it is training for the leg muscles and the cardiovascular system. Movement in the cool water, especially against the current, accelerates heart rate, metabolism, and fat burning processes. One hour of exercising with an aqualung kills around two hundred calories. Keep in mind that this sport is contraindicated for those who have problems with respiratory and hearing organs, and cardiovascular system. Do not despair, there is such water sport as snorkeling (swimming while equipped with a diving mask and a tube).

Rock climbing
This extreme sport allows you to remove psychological stress. The higher the degree of danger that you need to overcome, the brighter the so-called “emotion of the winner”. Rock climbing helps you to improve self-esteem and feel the breadth of your possibilities. This activity helps you to get rid of the rigidities and inertia in bed.

Martial arts
Modern martial arts combine fitness, dance and weight training. Such activities as Tai-bo help to improve coordination and develop reaction rate. Activity in bed is not always a feature of temperament. Martial arts help to fight to find new types of behavior. Such quiet and non-contact types of fighting as Capoeira help to develop plastic.

Go in for a sport that you like, believe in yourself, strive for perfection of your body, get pleasure from sex and give this pleasure to the partner. If you are already in sport, make your partner get interested in it and work out together.