Top-6 Things that Ruin Sex. What You Should Get Rid of.

About 40 percent of couples, according to statistics, are not completely satisfied with their sexual life. We often think that the reason for this dissatisfaction is something global. Unfaithfulness. Our appearance. Incompatibility of temper. But recent research suddenly revealed quite unusual and prosaic things that can prevent us from enjoying sex with a partner. So, what should we abandon to improve the quality of sexual life?

• TV in the bedroom. The couple who have TV in the bedroom make sex half as much as those who don’t have it. What you watch also matters. Thrillers, horror films and reality shows are real killers of passion. If you watch TV before sex, opt for comedies or love stories – everything that causes positive emotions.
• Alcohol. Yes, at first alcohol helps to relax. But some later it reduces sensitivity, influences coordination. Moreover, when a man’s body has to overcome alcohol affect, his testosterone level is reducing. And testosterone is the main male hormone responsible for sex drive.
• Overweight. And what is meant here is not just your figure and sex appeal. Excessive fat, as well as alcohol, reduces testosterone level both in men and in women. It, in turn, causes loss of sex drive and early erectile dysfunction. Moreover, overweight people are less self-confident and less tough, they get tired faster and have lower libido in general.
• Antidepressant medications. Yes, these pills help to overcome depression. However, they also kill emotions, drive, and zest for life. Maybe it’s time to turn your head to the natural antidepressant, which is called sex? Think about it. By the way, scientists proved that people having regular and satisfactory sexual life very rarely complain depression.
• Stuffy nose. Smells attract us sometimes, even more, that beautiful attractiveness or intellect. Sensations and smells are indivisible, so, your nose must breathe freely. Research proved that men suffering anosmia have less sexual partners. Scientists say it’s all because smells tell us what emotions our partner feels. A man who doesn’t distinguish between smells understands women not so well. And don’t forget of pheromones.
• Hair restorers. The pills from Alopecia block testosterone level, and this, in turn, reduces both desire and sexual power. That is why bald men are more sexually active than those ones, who undergo the course of treatment for alopecia.

Try to abandon the enlisted things and see how your sexual life will change. These are simple ways to increase the quality of sex. Although these measures will not treat erectile dysfunction, they are perfect for its prevention. As for the treatment of ED, modern medicine offers effective and progressive solutions to this delicate issue. The best-known one is, of course, Viagra – a safe and powerful oral drug, which has already helped to millions of men worldwide. Viagra works mildly and naturally, providing steady, long erection and deep satisfaction with the sexual process.