Useful advice on how to enjoy good health with the help of sex.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of the main objectives of doctors’ activity because serious studies prove that human health is determined by the level of development of medicine in the country by no more than ten percent. The much greater role is given to how a person builds his life, how much effort he puts in order not to get sick. Of course, ecology plays a significant role as well.

The general recommendations known to everyone include, above all, a balanced diet, sufficient level of physical activity, giving up smoking and alcohol abuse cessation.

Another factor is an active sex life. Of course, the ancient sages knew about it. The benefits of sex for health were emphasized by prominent medical scientists and. Among them was the famous heart surgeon Christiaan Neethling Barnard (1922-2001), who made the world’s first heart transplant.
In his book, “50 Ways to a Healthy Heart» he attached great importance to sex and romance, considering that single people have every chance of dying earlier than their more fortunate age-mates. He called sex the healthiest and most enjoyable way of maintaining the cardiovascular system in healthy condition.
By the way, Barnard had an unusual attitude towards the role of stress in a person’s healthy lifestyle. According to him, stress creates motivation and promotes self-affirmation. What is really bad and harmful for the overall health, it is an eternal rush, which has become a constant companion of a modern man. Christiaan Barnard recommends those men who have problems with potency to take Viagra without hesitation, as sex is treatment. The entire chapter of Barnard’s book, called “Take Viagra”, is dedicated to male potency problems.

If one can be skeptical about the statements made by the prominent and very experienced cardiologist, one can not deny the findings of scientific research. They prove that men who have sex three or four times a week have 50 percent lower risk of heart attack or stroke. These data have been collected as a result of the survey of more than two thousand British.

Sex protects not only against the cardiovascular system disease. The Greek scientists claim that orgasm helps to control breast cancer. They examined patients and healthy men (men with breast cancer are also found, though less frequently than women) and found that those who experienced fewer than six orgasms a month had cancer occurrences much more frequently. This phenomenon is associated with the level of male hormones.

Another interesting observation has been made by the Scots. They have found that people, who have sex at least three times a week, look on average 10 years younger than those who have sex twice a week. According to scientists, the first reason is less fat and the second one is that the brain produces more special substances, endorphins, which relieve pain and eliminate anxiety.

It is clear that active sex has lots of advantages, you just have to mind safety precautions. It is not only associated with protection against sexually transmitted diseases. According to the English doctors, sex, as well as jogging, is accompanied by a large loss of water, which is rarely compensated. So, men are advised to have a glass of water after a sexual intercourse to prevent dehydration.