Viagra’s wide range of application and its expected effects.

Viagra is an extremely popular medicine for treating problems with erection. But does everyone know that these blue pills are applied not only to cure exclusively impotence? In fact, the scope of Viagra’s application is much more extensive.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Some people think that taking Viagra can be dangerous for people with heart disease. But studies have shown that Viagra can be successfully used to treat many of them, including heart failure. This disease occurs when the heart is unable to pump a large amount of blood, which causes shortness of breath and increased heart rate.
Using Viagra improves the heart’s ability to pump blood, thus acting on the root cause of the disease. In addition, the blood circulation problems in themselves may lead to impotence. Furthermore, taking Viagra may help normalize blood pressure.
The drug was initially developed for treating cardiac angina. Further studies revealed that the active agent in combination with nitrates, which are standard treatment means for cardiac angina (in particular, nitroglycerin) enhances their effect, which leads to sharp fall in blood pressure. This was one of the reasons that the new drug could not find application as a medication for cardiac angina. After identifying the surprise effect (improved erection) the research vector changed in the other direction, and as a result, the drug was improved and put on the pharmaceutical market as erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment.
Perhaps after further studies, Viagra can become a real cure for the millions of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Viagra in sports

Athletes use Viagra to improve their performance. It has long been no secret that many athletes take various stimulants, ranging from steroids to extracts of exotic plants. Professional football player Brandon Marshall says he knows the players, who among other things are taking Viagra: “There are guys who use Viagra regularly because it thins the blood.” Perhaps the point is that Viagra increases blood flow, which promotes a more rapid spread of substances in the body. Another reason might be that the side effect of steroids is impotence. In any case, the World Anti-Doping Agency is planning to include Viagra into the list of prohibited drugs.
Due to a number of advantages, Viagra is becoming increasingly used in bodybuilding. Causing a minimum of side effects, the drug slightly lowers blood pressure. In addition, it has a positive effect on the heart, and effectively improves the blood flow in muscles. Its high cost repels the potential buyers, however, cheaper generics are much more affordable.
Some people mistakenly believe that taking Viagra leads to a permanent erection. It is not true, as without sexual excitation (stimulation) erection usually never occurs.
It should be noted that taking the drug for improving sports performance without consulting a doctor can be dangerous for athlete’s health because he can be unaware of the presence of contraindications to Viagra. Therefore, sportsmen should discuss the issue of including Viagra into their treatment plan with their doctors.